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The sagging cheeks create nasolabial lines. Before working on the actual cheek muscles major zygomaticus and minor zygomaticus make sure to do the ear rub, stretch and circle and temporalis.

Ear Rub, Stretch and Circle

I rub the ears from top to bottom. Your ear has reflexes based on an upside down fetus so you are indirectly massaging your body when you massage your ears. Then I pull 5 locations in 5 directions. I’m stretching up, 45 degrees up, mid-part to the side, 45 degrees down, and ear lobe down.

Then I circle the ears between my fingers. And circle ear lobe. Circling just the ear lobes will move the lymph too.

Temporalis Massage

As you can see temporalis is attached to the

Using four fingers, massage right above the ear up and down 10 times. Move up and repeat 10 times. Again, move up and repeat 10 times. Then move back a little bit and massage up and down 10 times. Move up and repeat 10 times. Again, move up and repeat 10 times. You can also use the flat part of the fist to do these to save your fingers.

Finish up with 10 circles on the temple. And press and hold for a count of 10.

Soft Cheek

Loosen the cheek muscles very gently using the three fingers. The target area is between the corner of your mouth and the cheek bone. Close your mouth with your lips inward to make it taut. This is too much movement. Do this for 1 minute. You are not rubbing over the skin.  

Hard Cheek

Press the cheek muscles into the cheek bone with the base of your palm. Make small circles against the cheek bone. Do this for 1 minute. It’s hard on your neck to do this looking up so I anchor the elbow on the other arm if I’m doing this one at a time or both on my body or the table.

Lift and Hold

Lastly, lift up the side of your face from the cheek bone and grab the skull with fingers and hold for 30 seconds.

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