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About this course

Welcome to the Home Reflexology course. My name is Yasuko Kawamura. I am a Board Certified Licensed Massage Therapist. I have massaged thousands of people and with them, thousands of feet and tens of thousands of toes. Foot massage is very popular besides neck and shoulder massage, and back massage. It is no surprise because foot massage is very relaxing to your tired feet.

Your feet carry your weight all day especially if you have a standing job or manual labor. Or you may have to wear pointy dress shoes that constrict your feet for hours at a time. Whether you are a weekend warrior or full-time athlete, if you play sport your feet get lots of pounding against the ground or side-to-side movement.

Reflexology is a way to treat feet that’s been used for thousands of years. It uses reflexes on your feet that correspond to different organs and parts of your body. It is more specific and therapeutic than a regular foot massage. Since you will indirectly treat the entire body through reflexes it will relax your whole body as well as your mind. 

In this course you will learn how to give a great foot massage to your loved one using the Reflexology concept and techniques. So when your partner asks you for a foot massage or if you simply want to give a foot massage to show your love, you no longer have to wonder what to do or hurt your fingers trying to give a good foot massage. You will have skills and confidence to give a better, more detailed and longer foot massage to make your partner very happy.

So let’s get started!