Couples Massage

Couples Massage

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Palm Glide Chest

Sit by the receiver’s head. Take a deep breath together. As your exhale together gently glide your fingers over the receiver’s breast bone and come back as you inhale together. Then as you both exhale glides your fingers under the collar bone from the center to the armpit and come back. If the space is limited between the breasts put one hand on the other as you glide over the breast bone. Use your torso to follow your hands. Repeat several times.

Circle Chest

Gently circle between the collarbone and breasts from the center to the armpit. Start with your fingers flat on the surface. You can draw big circles or small circles. If the receiver wants more pressure raise your arm to increase the angle. You can also use the base of your thumbs instead of your fingertips. Either way, Follow the hand movement with your torso.

Finger Ribs

Sit by the receiver's chest. Gently glide your fingers back and forth between the receiver’s ribs on the far side. Use flatter fingers for less sensation and curled fingertips for more sensation. You can double up your hands or use one hand at a time. Sit on the other side to massage the other side of the body.

Breast Sandwich

Sit by the receiver's chest. Gently glide back and forth the top and bottom of the breast with a closed fingers breast issues are delicate especially for women. Be very gentle and always check with your partner if the pressure is okay.

Course Structure

6 Lessons

Before You Get Started

Before you get started please watch the following videos so that you are prepared for your safety.

This module covers How to Use this Course, 30-Day Challenge, Contraindications, basic rules of communication for pressure, and Dos and Don'ts to have a maximum benefit of Couples Massage.


1. Self-Assessment

This lesson covers the self-assessment using the Wellness Wheel so you have a picture of your current wellness level as well as your massage skills level.

2. How To Use This Course​

This lesson covers how to use this course.

3. 30-Day Challenge

Here’s a 30-day challenge if you dare to accept it!

4. Contraindications

This lesson will cover the precautions before you practice the Couples Massage. Please watch for your safely.

5. How To Get The Pressure You Want

This lesson will show you how to communicate the pressure you want.

6. How To Be A Good Massage Giver and Receiver

Guess what? Couples Massage takes two. Both the giver and receiver need to contribute to the process.  This lesson talks about how to be a good massage giver and receiver so you can both enjoy either role.

8 Lessons

Week 1 - Head, Face, Neck, Shoulders

This module covers Week 1: Head, Face, Neck and Shoulders.

When I teach, I customize the massage menu for each couple. Neck and Shoulders are the #1 popular request since that's where people carry lots of stress!

After completing this module, you will know how to give a relaxing head massage, face massage, alleviate your partner's neck and shoulders without hurting your fingers. 

7 Lessons

Week 2 - Chest, Tummy and Back

This module covers chest, tummy and back in a lying position.

Upper back between the shoulder blades and the lower back are the second popular areas to learn how to massage because people carry lots of stress there too. 

You can practice these on the bed or on the floor with something comfortable to lie on except the lower back massage. Lower back is not supported by the ribs and you could press too much on a soft bed. Lower back massage should be done on the hard surface for your safety.

8 Lessons

Week 4 - Hands and Feet

This module covers hand massage and foot massage. 

A recent survey showed more people loved foot massage than expected. Feet carry your body weight expecially if you have a standing job. Or your feel may feel squeezed from the high-heels or pointy shoes. This is a wonderful way to let them relax.

Hand massage is also wonderful for any electronic device users who are busy texting and swiping which must be pretty much everyone!

4 Lessons

Supplemental Materials

Here are some Bonus Materials to enhance your Couples Massage experience ♡